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Hype Them UP!

“You don’t inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are. You inspire them by showing them how amazing they are.” - Robyn Benincasa


Trying to enjoy the summer sun as much as I can, I went to the park by myself to play some basketball. I made a jump shot and right after, a loud, energetic, high pitched voice said, "WOW!!!"

Talk about a confidence boost....I turned around and saw a little boy, around 3 years old, looking up at me. We may not have had a conversation, but that one word, made a big difference in my day!

I spoke to my twin brother Ben on the phone and he laughed at how I always find ways to connect moments like these into a team here we goo!

A few minutes later, that same kid, sat on the bleachers near the baseball field and was yelling and having what some would call a "temper tantrum."

In a span of five minutes, he displayed two different teammate styles:

  1. ALL IN

  2. Me, Me, Me mindset

1. ALL IN teammates cheer for team success! They love being on a team and know it's their duty to add value anyway they can! They are the first to give a teammate a high five, an encouraging word, or a smile.

2. The Me, Me, Me mindset teammates focus on themselves. They are so focused on their individual performance that they do not take the time to celebrate their teammates. They have poor body language, seem disinterested unless they are playing, and do not hype up teammates like that 3 year old did for me.

If the leaders of a team (coaches and players) create an environment where being a great teammate is communicated, practiced, and praised....everyone will have the opportunity to be a GREAT teammate!


Sending positive vibes,


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