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Do you want to help your team/organization build a positive team culture? 

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In person & virtual options available

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Some of the Organizations I've worked with! #ChampionshipCulture

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About Dan:

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Dan Horwitz serves as a leadership consultant and assists sports teams and companies to help improve and enhance  trust, joy, communication, accountability, team chemistry, diversity & inclusion, culture, etc. Working with Dan will have a lasting impact on you and your team well beyond your time working together.

His approach works best with youth-college aged kids but also with adults within organizations that want to improve teamwork and have fun outside of the workspace! 

Reach out today to discuss on the phone how Dan can add value to you and your team!

Dan is a lifelong learner who has a passion for serving others. His team-first mentality has inspired him to help create environments where everyone feels safe, valued, has a voice, and has fun!

His mission is to positively impact as many people as he possibly can. His interests include playing and coaching basketball, team building, being outdoors, and hanging out with friends and family.


He was a four-year NCAA student athlete and captain at Newbury College and three-year collegiate coach. At Newbury, Dan was honored with the scholar-athlete, sportsmanship, school spirit, and emerging leadership awards. The mission of his book is to help educate, energize, and empower players and coaches to build and sustain a championship basketball culture. The mission of his business is to serve others in a way that inspires them to be the best they can be, so they can serve others to be great as well!

Championship Culture Hype Video - Check it out!
  • In person & virtual options offered:

  • Sport Specific workshops for teams (all team sports)

  • Team Building & Championship Culture Workshop  for businesses and sports teams

  • Team zoom calls & 1 on 1 with players & coaches to improve leadership skills using the principles in the book 


Coach Dan truly values building relationships with people who are self motivated, passionate and committed to working toward their goals, day by day, brick by brick! 

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