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"Team Building & Championship Culture Workshop" 
Sport Specific Workshop for ALL TEAMS!  
College Recruiting/Advising For
High School Student-Athletes
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(In person & virtual options available) 

Championship Culture teams create an environment where every member feels safe, valued, has a voice, and experiences joy!  


During our FUN, EXPERIENTIAL (learn by doing) workshop together, everyone will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities to help enhance the skills that you believe your specific group needs to improve. We will use an accountability circle at the end of activities to create a powerful dialogue between everyone that will help improve team chemistry! 

Championship culture teams  possess a team-first mentality, where any task feels like it can be achieved because they know their team has their back. However, it's not always that easy. Investing time in developing and enhancing these skills is an ongoing process, 


I don't control playing time, salary, etc. so my job is solely to add value to the group so they can work towards achieving their personal definitions of success.

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(In person & virtual options available)
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I am so excited to have self-published a book with 14 principles that I believe will help so many players and coaches!

I am here for YOU!


A few options...hire me to:

-Watch game film and do a team zoom call showing screenshots from what I observed in regard to culture

-Watch a practice with a detailed evaluation of the current team culture and ways to enhance it 

-Speak to your team about leadership, culture, and teamwork! 


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I educate prospective student-athletes and their families on the college search process to help them find the best academic, social and athletic FIT for their son or daughter!

The process can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful. I was in high school not too many years ago and had to make the tough decision on where to attend college. Through hours of research and college visits, I am truly grateful for the people, experiences, and lifelong friendships I made while attending Newbury College.


I am excited to offer my guidance and provide information that is both efficient and effective in navigating the college process. Although I WILL NOT GUARANTEE admission into any college, I am confident I can add value to kids who are committed to playing their sport in college. I offer personalized college advising services to prospective student-athletes, who are willing to put in the time that it will take to reach out to college admissions departments and coaches, to ensure they have all the information they need to select a college.


There are plenty of college recruiting websites where kids can make a profile and have their information sent out to colleges. As a former college coach, receiving an email DIRECTLY from the prospective student-athlete showed initiative and professionalism, which stood out to me, more so than an email from a third party service, high school coach, or parent. If a kid is willing to invest in their future, I am willing to share my knowledge with a step-by-step process to give them the best shot at making their dream a reality!


"Our meeting with Dan was very personalized and impactful with our staff and players! He emphasized his 14 principles that truly separates championship programs and gave the players simple but effective ways to implement the concepts on a daily basis. They left the meeting energized and ready to go!
- Russ Philips 
Men's Basketball Head Coach at Alfred University (NY) 
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“Dan did a tremendous job! Very powerful talk and well organized. His 14 principles on building a championship culture are spot on!” - Kevin Orr 
Varsity Boys Basketball Head Coach at Rice Lake HS (Wisconsin)
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