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"When we perceive differences in personality

and abilities as gifts and pieces of a magnificent

puzzle, we put them together to form a

masterpiece of power and creation truly larger

than anyone’s single vision."

—Thomas Crum


This picture does an amazing job of depicting what it looks like to be an "includer!" These animals may have a lot of differences based on a birds-eye view (had to fit the corny joke in there)...however, they are embracing one another and celebrating their differences! A friend of mine shared with me, that within his team, they say, "tell me more." They may not know everything there is to know about a team member but they are fully invested in trying to learn as much as possible! Having that mentality and making sure everyone feels included goes a long way in developing strong relationships built on trust, respect, and empathy.

You don't need to look alike, sound alike or live a similar lifestyle to find commonalities with someone else. Look at the dog and the hamster on the bottom left. They look genuinely interested in learning (or smelling) one another. When we approach others with an open-mind and a kind heart, friendships can flourish!


Thanks for reading!

Sending positive vibes :)

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