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Updated: Apr 23, 2021


A high school kid I train in basketball has significantly improved his finishing ability with his left hand over the past 7 months...he is right handed. When I asked him about it he responded in a very humble and honest way, “I hope I am improving... I practice everyday! I try to use my left hand as much I can...with a basketball, when I write, type on the computer, etc.”

I was in awe.

Talk about being intrinsically motivated!! 7 months ago he was a good player who could shoot well and finish at the rim with his right hand. However, he struggled with his left hand. He embraced the discomfort of not being great at this skill and made it his mission to think creatively to get better.

To give some context, this kid also is working on becoming a quicker defender. We spent the first 15 minutes using the agility ladder and doing defensive drills because he wanted to. Probably not the most popular or fun skill to work on but he wants to be the best he can be!

What small intentional act can you implement to your day to get 1% better?


Thanks for reading :)

Positive vibes,


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