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How do you create POSITIVE ENERGY in your ENVIRONMENT?

"Positive thoughts, words, and actions create positive feelings. Positive feelings generate positive energy."


Have you ever gone somewhere very excited because of the experience you expected to have?

On the other hand, have you ever been required to go somewhere that you knew would drain your energy and feel like a waste of time? 

It is a special thing when a group of people choose to voluntarily spend time with each other because of the psychological safety they feel in that space, with those people. They can put their metaphorical shield down and be their true authentic selves. They can be vulnerable, ask questions, fail and not be judged, laugh and smile....all the things!

When people feel safe, valued, and have a voice, the amount of positive energy that can be created in that space is truly an amazing feeling.

It starts with open conversations among the group about what behaviors are allowed and what behaviors are not. Having everyone agree to those ground rules and then praising the good behaviors and addressing the bad ones immediately will help create the positive environment mentioned above. If you are ever in one of these environments, enjoy every second and every moment, because it is special.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to reach out if I can help in anyway!

Sending positive vibes,


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