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24/7 Leadership

"The way we do anything is the way we do everything."


True leadership is not something that you turn on or off when it is convenient for you.

True leadership is making decisions based on what you believe is right no matter the situation or who is watching.

An example is, in sports when a head coach is watching the team do a tough conditioning drill, most players on the team will give their best effort. However, if the coach left the gym, field, rink etc. would everyone on the team still give their best effort or would they slow down and not care as much....because what's the point?

Every decision you make throughout the day, represents you, your family and friends, and your work/team, etc.

Do you take pride in being a 24/7 leader?

The answer to that question will be answered by the next decision you make. And the one after that.


Thank you for reading and please feel free to reach out if I can help in anyway!

Sending positive vibes,

Dan Horwitz

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