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Coachable - An Eagerness To Learn



I believe being coachable is more than a willingness to learn; it’s an eagerness to learn. The desire to improve a skill can be extremely fun and rewarding if approached with a positive attitude. Being coachable applies to anyone who doesn’t know how to do something but wants to get better or someone who wants to elevate their skill set. If a person shows up with a “learn-it-all” mentality opposed to a “know-it-all” mentality, they have taken a huge first step in reaching their full potential.

I have the privilege of working as a basketball trainer to help kids improve their skills. I incorporate skill development with leadership development. I am currently training with two high school basketball players and they are 100% COACHABLE! They trained together once in a small group session and hit it off immediately. They competed and supported each other which made the session so much fun! We just met again for our second session and the bond they created was amazing to see. I left the workout at our scheduled time and said goodbye. Both kids stayed on the court practicing extra drills together because they didn’t want to leave. Two complete strangers who possess an eagerness to learn, not just about basketball but each other, became united because of a circular orange ball. I’ve never left a workout so proud to see a new friendship formed.


Thank you for reading!

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