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Power Of Positive Talk

“Words have power and when you speak, you give them life. Speak into existence what you believe, desire, dream, and hope.”


I am CONVINCED that positive talk is a powerful thing.

I define “Positive Talk” as words of encouragement to help lift the spirits of the people around you.

I have a few examples of speaking things into existence but this story resonated with me and I am very excited to share it!

I was playing a full-court 5 on 5 pickup basketball game a while back.

Our team already played a few games and it was decided whichever team scored 21 points first would win. Our team gave up eleven straight points and we had 0. My chest was burning, my back was tight, sweat was dripping from my forehead, and I was breathing heavily. Feeling fatigued, defeated, and as if we had no chance to come back, someone on the sideline said to me, “You can still come back and win." To paint a better picture, this was the only person in the gym who was not playing. 11 total people in the gym, and that seven-word comment energized me! I believed we had a chance! I instantly felt a burst of energy and used my voice to empower my teammates. I used phrases like,

“We got this”

“One Stop”

“We can still win”

“Knock that down”

“Good job”

“Let’s talk on defense”

To add context, I was playing very poorly. Despite not adding much value with my basketball skills, I chose to use my voice to help my team. I tried my best to empower our team and also give high fives!

Who knows how much those words I was communicating to my four teammates mattered...but we went on to win on a game winning three-point shot and finished with a score of 21-18! I immediately yelled out to the person who shared those seven powerful words and said, “you called it'' and pointed to him...acknowledging my gratitude!

It all started with positive talk.

In life, we all have moments when we feel down...but remember, you can use your listening skills to learn about someone’s situation, use your voice to uplift them, and help them eliminate self-doubt.



Thank you for reading and please feel free to reach out if I can help in anyway!

Sending positive vibes,

Dan Horwitz

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